Week 1 (Personal Logo)

My process of creative a personal Logo:

When we get asked the question “How would you describe yourself?” I guarantee million’s of adjectives flash through your brain, however, what people usually respond to that question is minimal or simply “I don’t really know.

I started the process of this design by mind mapping the descriptions of myself that came to mind, including my interests, then within that, minimized it to what I would like to portray and share about myself to an audience.
I went through many symbols that illustrate me and my personality and lifestyle: flowers representing my interest in floristry and all things pretty, a cross to represent my faith, curls to make like the vines on my favorite story character’s (Cinderella’s) pumpkin carriage.
Eventually I settled on a loop with basic flowers on the end containing a B in the middle.
The B represents the alliteration of my name ‘Bailey Booth’: my legal identification. Bailey booth also has extended to names such as Boothie, Blondie and Boof. B also reflects my bubbly character.
The circle as a border is left unclosed as I would like to always portray my self as an open person, open to new friendships, relationships and offering help and care. However the border still shows that I guard my heart and am confident in what I believe in, I will not be pushed into another shape and will always be happy to stand for the values I hold.
Lastly the flowers, because I am growing, changing, learning new thing. Also simply because I enjoy flowers, I love all things pretty and things that smell nice.
The process of creating my personal symbol was surprisingly hard, I struggled in particular with my expansive vision and ideas but limited drawing capability, I look forward to learning more skills throughout the year that enables me to be able to effectively present my ideas.

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