Week 1: The Flag Design Exercise

This flag symbolizes my identity.

My name is Bailey booth and legally that is my identity, as stated on birth certificate and drivers license. However, the alliteration of my name has also become a nickname as BB or Boothie, until recently Blondie and I regulary respond to my full name as it rolls of the tounge I guess. So therefore I include the B in my flag.

The ‘B’ is contained in a circle to represent my bubbly personality, the blue circle is a softer shape to harsh lines or triangles and I would like to always portray myself as an approachable character.

Lastly the two lines intersecting the story in a cross like fashion represents my religion of choice: Christianity. I include that in my identity as it plays a major part in how I view myself and my perspective of the world.

This flag represents a part of myself that I feel comfortable sharing with the world. This also is just an introduction, a symbol of where and how I currently see myself, I doubt I would recreate the same symbol given this exercise next year. 2016 will be a year of exploring new skills, and ideals.

“To fully understand a person is a walking journey.” 

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