Week 2 (3D modelling)


Its no secret that I love flowers. I draw them, I make bouquets, I smell them I make model them out of play dough and I decided to make 3D models of them with paper and cardboard too.



My idea started with layering small pieces of paper, acting as individual petals in a circle fashion, however, I saw that this wasn’t quite 3d enough and I would like to raise it a bit more

So I then created this model with the centre standing up sort of like a camp fire.

I liked having the height in the middle but wanted to create the petals and a thicker part of the flower, so using cardboard which was a header material to use as it didn’t bend as easy created the next model.

I found the cardboard hard to fit together, I liked the thickness of this design idea but though it would be too had to fit more slides of cardboard (which would act as the petals) to the model here.

I then came up with a layering idea with the thick cardboard, I liked how the shadows look when it was photo graphed.

This was stemmed from the idea or book cuttings like below, however, I do not have the skills to do that. Yet.


Lastly, I used title strips of paper to try and lay them multiple different directions making a ball of spikes to act as petals. But unfortunately ran out of time and patience.


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