Week 2 (14th March)

I love the cultural diversity in our class, each person representing different culture brings a new element of perspective to add to research and design.

Today in CreaTech we started the class by hearing about speech to speech translation. This is an idea being developed to be used as a communication tool intercultural. The speech to speech technology will allow an individual to speak in their native tongue into a computer that will translate and talk the speech to a audience of another language. I believe this is such a good idea, especially in New Zealand our cultural diversity grows daily and the ability to communicate to a large aside simultaneously without the delay of human translators. Personally I would find this technology very effective as I regularly MC or Preach at events ranging from 30 to 500 people, I have also spoken using a Chinese translator to 400 people and found it very hard to keep a train of thought whilst waiting for the translator to deliver the message.

Again Dan clarified assessments today which was the best. I feel comfortable in the class to ask all the questions and feel so relieved and confident afterwards.

Lastly, we did a short exercise on perspective, we received a paper frame and was showing a camera’s perspective by shooting through the frame and it’s background. I found this really interesting as I haven’t done much photography but know I have had a glimpse of the thought, and proportion of angles that goes into the composition of a photo. My photo is below.


Instagram: bailey_bce18


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