Week 3 (15th March)

Does everyone have a moral compass ? Ethics is the word for this right?

“A persons particular set of beliefs an values that determines their behaviour.”

Today in professional practices we opened the class with a discussion on the meaning and personal examples people may have about ethics or unethical situations. The lecturer brought up Donald Trump and his unethical statements made through his campaign rally’s for the role U.S President. I firmly believed that Trump is making stupid, racist and very dangerous statements through his rally for power, however, I was surprised to see different reactions and perspectives on his campaign. One thing I love about our class is that it is so demographically diverse; each person representing different skills, beliefs, cultures and calls, but the discussion today leads me to question that my truth is different to another truth (which is ok) but when it comes to ethics and conflict management how will people react? I will be true to me but I will expect the same of you.

The statement I have concluded is that ‘It is unrealistic to expect people to agree on 1 set of ethical beliefs.’

The second part of the lecture was filled with discussion of a code of conduct within our project teams. Although we are still in early stages of this assignment I believe we will be a great team.

Last year studying at Elim leadership college I feel I have learnt a lot of these ethical and leadership principles such as vision, conflict management ect, but I alway want to grow in my leadership skills and coming into a new team and a new year Im ready for new challenges, new learning environments and different personal perspectives. Through working with other people and exploring their ideals I hope to take away gems to apply to my own life.


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