Week 3 (Typography)

I chose a variety of letter from from different era’s and cultures. I did this because I wanted to experiment with a variety of letter forms rather than just one that I felt confident in.

I particularly liked the letter form in which I wrote ‘Cheese’ below, I loved it because It reminded me of an old western bar and yet was still very stylish today. I wish to get better in graffiti style writing because I love the art work displayed and the bright colours that are usually associated with it. I hope to spray paint a logo for my children’s program using graffiti style letterform onto brick looking wallpaper.

Through this assignment I was introduced to tracing paper and it has completely changed my life. I feel so much more confident in drawing and presenting my work. It has helped me to feeling confident in giving drawing activities ago because previously I have found my skills very bad and other people in the class very good.

Lasty, I enjoyed exploring the asian lettering. I found this really cool because I have never written these characters before and with the help of tracing paper I have been able to practise some. I think I will practise more of this because it may be useful to me in the future because of the huge amount of ethnicities in our country.


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