Week 3: Denotation / Connotation

Every design has story behind it. Why? because every symbol has a designer, a person with culture, emotion, a purpose for creating.

Denotation: The surface level meaning

Connotation: the deeper message, personal, the story behind it


Denotation: Its a ring, represents relationship, its a flower ring.

Connotation: Its my mothers engagement ring, given to her my my father in the Hamilton gardens over 20 years ago. My parents are still happily married and their relationship is what I aspire to, I love them very much and without them I would not be here (literally and obviously)




Denotation: A necklace with tree on it, a tree of life.

Connotation: A christmas present from my boyfriend the first time her spent christmas with my family. We had a really good day and I love him lots, he also got me a flower bouquet subscription which I am still getting monthly. I really love flowers. He knows me well.


Denotation: The corner of a moisturiser bottle with flowers on it. My sister’s moisturiser.

Connotation: My 13 year old sister doesn’t use this moisturiser at all, I found it at the bottom of her draw to use for this particular assignment yet she still got really mad that I had taken it from her room. Im not allowed in her room without asking but she is free in mine anytime, funny huh. Not.

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