Week 4 (Story telling)


I loved this exercise. We were given a long strip of paper as a team and were told to draw. Thats it. Draw what you feel, your story, what happened during your day.

My story developed something as seen below. I started by doing marks, the cross’ seen in the top corner, turned to layering of my hands with embellishments. This piece shows the story of my day, including getting up late (the clock) getting ready, shown by my name and lips drawn in lipstick, my phone and a rubbing of my bracelet warn today.

I later went on to draw some star like flower sort of daisies as I love flowers and it is always my go to to draw when I am unsure, majority of my design ideas develop from me doodling various types of flowers.

I drew the rest of my night’s plans including roses’ to show me watching the bachelor.

Doodling and drawing without subject is a great way of expressing feeling and ideas that slowly develop into design concepts. I found it a challenge to start, I am usually an organised person who likes structure and clear expectations, however, I found it somewhat therapeutic to express my ideas and how I was feeling. I will continue to use this strategy when starting projects.




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