Week 4: Character, Story Act and Turning Points

Today in class we learnt that pretty much every story is the same. Although names, setting, costumes ect changes the main story line is the same, including main characters

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.04.09 PM

For Example:

The Hunger GamesThe-Hunger-Games-the-hunger-games-27627297-1440-900

Katniss: Protective older sister, fighter, strong.

Here is how The Hunger Games fits the same sequence as popular books/movies such as Harry Potter and Narnia.

Katniss Everdeen starts of in her ordinary world district 12 of Pannem until the reaping ceremony (call to action) comes to take away her youngest sister Prim in which she volunteer’s herself to take Prim’s place to compete in the the Hunger games.

Katniss’ refusal of the call is represented in her disgust of the huger games and fear of competing when she gives her goodbyes to family and Gale.


Katniss meets her mentor Haymitch on her road to a new world ‘the capital’.

She begins the tests, allies and enemies stage whilst training and then entering the hunger games. She is approached my many obstacles and heartbreak throughout her time in the games arena.

Finally Katniss win’s the games with Peeta at her side. Her reward? life. Her road back to district 12 reunited her with her mother and sister but she is forever changed by the games and in later sequel’s we see how her reaction to her time in the hunger games turns to determination for change.


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