Week 5 (30th March)


This video was presented by the theme team presentation today, showing us how what we see through our camera lens in a smart phone can become interactive, informative or fun, just as this new snap chat filter.


What will the effect be on our society though, we saw how fighter pilots had glasses on to hunt down a target in a war, but yet our 8 year old’s can or will be able to play with similar equipment but its a game. Were does the line between our real world and our virtual reality. Does violent video game simulators and remote controlled missile drones blur our line between seeing people and seeing simulations, when will people stop feeling compassion for victims of violence because the over consumption of these images have made us immune.

On the opposite side of this, there is amazing technological medical advances coming out even today. This is going to help so many people, and hopefully develop new treatments faster and cheaper.




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