Week 5 (Instructional Drawing)

Drawing and images are a very effective way of communicating instructions because it does not exclude any nationality, gender or language from interpreting the instructions.

For example, if you were a multi billion dollar company who supplies flat pack cabinets all over the world to many people with different languages, you can print off a written instruction manual displayed in 30 different languages, which takes a lot of money working with translators and graphics teams, not to mention supplying to people who are illiterate. OR you can make a set of instructional drawing that despite language or literacy capability your customer will be able to interpret and build their cabinet.

As a girl I alway so the huge increase in hair, makeup of craft diy tutorials online in video form or magazines, pintrest and posters in picture form. I am a regular user of these, especially for hair styles, in fact I used this picture below last weekend to do a hair style for a wedding I was going to. Source, pintrest.b0535cf9c810a4cd5e944958406d7592


Here are my instructional drawing trying to replicate my hairstyle that I wore to the wedding inspired by above tutorial.









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