Week 6 (5th April)

Today’s lesson started slightly different, it began with a team building exercise where 6 volunteers held 1 piece of wood by each person extending one finger. they then had to place it down on the ground. Simple ? well somehow the wood started going higher rather than lower. This was until the team started communicating, people stood up as leaders, taking the initiative and learning from other teams, 3 simple but highly effective skills in building a successful team.

We talked a bit about note taking which was helpful hearing other peoples tips, such as john audio recording ‘hit the pen of the table trick,’ summarising  and others. Below is also a very useful video on how to take great notes and why we should.


In the second part of the lesson we opened the topic about cultural awareness. I found this part of the lesson very interesting but challenging too.

I found it challenging because I have grown up as a new Zealander and am very proud of my beautiful country. I have loved by upbringing in NZ and believe that everyone should be able to have the experience that I did growing up, with freedom to dream, safety to explore, good education, family, accepting environment. Therefore It makes me somewhat sad and compassionate when others don’t have the same reflection of happiness of their childhood.

I love different cultures and love our diverse class, It was so interesting hearing about one particular classmates tradition’s in Thailand including a water festival.

I believe each culture holds something special, gift, knowledge or skill that if they were all collaborated would make the perfect team.

Did you know 40% of people living in Auckland were born in a different country to New Zealand? I found that really interesting, talk about a multi cultural city.

However, I believe culture and ethnicity is different. Your ethnicity cannot be chosen by you, however I believe culture is more of a choice, a choice to believe a particular set of vales, uphold particular visions and have a like mindless with ideals and respect of people.(just as we looked at googles ‘culture’ in previous lesson.) A successful team can be made up of many different ethnicities, each bringing a different gift or talent, but one mind in culture, in values, in goals, in vision. Do you agree ?


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