Week 4 (22nd March)

“Vision without action is a daydream, Action without vision is a nightmare.”

Our class today started with this quote, this challenged me, what am I doing? how am I achieving my goals? What steps am I taking today that is going to help me toward my goals tomorrow.

I am not naturally an organised person but over the last little while I have found I am easily stressed out therefore I have adapted my behaviour to being more organised, and I think goal setting using the SMART approach will really help me achieve my goals within a time limit.

S pecific

M easurable

A actionable

R elevant

T ime bound

After creating Smart goals, it is key to regularly check your progress, and to share your goal with people that will help you stay accountable and mentor you through your journey of success.

Also in today’s class i really enjoyed reviewing the 7 habits of highly effective people, which reminds me again on how much I need to read this book summarised in the video below.


1.Be Proactive

“responsibility, the ability to choose your response.”

2. Begin with the end in mind

3. Put first things first

a key for me in this chapter was “what is urgent, and what is important?”

4.Think win, win

“success is not achieved at the exclusion or expense of someone else.”

5. Seek first to understand then to be understood.

“Learn to listen”

6. Synergize (cooperation)

“The sum is more than the individual parts” (1+1=3)

7. Sharpen the saw

In all aspects of life: physically, mentally, spiritually ect.

Lately in today’s class we did a behaviour test, this shows us not the right and wrongs of ourselves but how we can better equip to different circumstances and challenges.

I found that I was introverted, which mean I gain energy from being alone, however I believe I have learnt to be out going and extroverted when needed especially with my work with children and youth programs. I gather information using an intuition mindset, meaning I am a bit of a big picture, visionary, dreamer, rather than researching through facts and figures.

I am both a thinking and feeling person, and in the outer world I need more structure that flexibility as the judging personality does so. This is only a recent discoverers as I have discovered new organisation techniques to help with stress.


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