Week 6: Objects and Archetypes

Iphone 5C not Apple. You may ask why is that your title Bailey? and I will explain don’t worry.

I personally have the iPhone 5C, I think its wonderful, it works well, I can ring, text, take quality photos and videos and have many apps.


All in all the iPhone 5C has been a successful phone, however, not in comparison to the other apple iPhones.

As of February 2016 only 5% of apple customers were using the iPhone 5c, compared to 35% of customers using the version 6 model and even relating the 5C to its brother Mr version 5s which 20% of users prefer, the 5C was a bit of a let down to the family. Why? Well heres what I think.

Apple prizes itself on being known fortis creativity, its innovation, if Apple the company was a character archetype it would play the role of the Magician, the explorer of the creator because of it life applications and innovation of iPads and selection of Smart phones, typically used by designers, or people who wish to be seen as stylish.

When the iPhone 5c was released it had an archetype contradictory to its family, it was portrayed as the everyman, it was cheaper to buy, made from cheaper materials, has a childish look to it because of the use of plastic, rounded edges and multi coloured back cases. The iPhone 5c selling point was that it was cheaper, and therefore everyone could have one, however, this is not why people buy apple products. Apples customer base is looking for high standard, sleek, modern devices so that the can stand out from the rest as being higher end, more sophisticated. iPhone 5C was designed part of the apple family but was distinctively the black sheep.

Here is the iPhone 5C and 5S compared. One looking childish and the other sleek.


Heres the thing. I am all for buying cheap look alike branded shoes from china so I can wear them and pretend I have a lot of money. But why would a sophiasticated, designer, higher end, trendy iPhone users buy an item that everyone knows is cheap? 

Well to answer that, they didn’t. Because iPhone 5C (everyman) doesn’t fit into Apples archetype of Creator, Magician, Explorer.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.08.12 PM

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