Week 6 (11th April)

This monday at CreaTech Perspective my team and I presented our theme team presentation on ‘The Future of Content’.

I presented the introduction slide for this and explain what content was, and posed the question, What is the future of content?

Content, what is content? Well, to quote Dan, It’s the stuff. The ‘stuff’ inside a medium. For example, a television is a medium, the content is the ‘stuff’ you are watching or the message you’re receiving, which will be the movie, the program you’re watching.

If you have an Ipod this is also known as a medium that can be used to deliver content, the content in this case being music.

Acquisition, Manipulation and Delivery.

Acquisition: This is how the information or the content is found, is acquired. For example filming, voice recording, or photography. The process or the way information is acquired.

Manipulation: we know this, it’s the editing, the Photoshop the warping. The process from raw footage to presentable content.

Delivery: This is the way in which the content or message is being presented. Prehaps through devices such as TV, Laptop, smart phone, ipod, or perhaps through an action such as a speech or dance.

Our presentation was based around the question What does the future hold for content? What are ways content may be changing and evolving? New ways data and media is being collected, or what will future content manipulation look like? and how will the delivery of content change in the future? What will the most popular mediums? Smart phone, tablets? Our mediums have changed so fast over the last 5 years. If we think back only to 2010 when the iphone 4 was released, how different will it be in the next 2 years be in the development of technology and content.


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