Week 9 (10th May)

Today we learnt all about managing people and specifically managing or leading people in conflict.

John Started with this quote which I found a eye opening but obvious and relevant revelation:

“People don’t do things that don’t make sense to them.”

This meant that everyone is different: we may have different beliefs, culture and upbringings that makes up who they are, taking this into account we understand that in order to be a great leader we need to put our selves in other people’s shoes, use great communication skills and tailor our teamwork to different personalities and conflict reactions.

We had a lot of discussions today, topics including:

The difference between a manager and a leaders


Different leadership styles


The discussion was proposed to us ‘what type of leader are you?’ I believe I am a visionary, I am a big idea person, with the children’s program I run I choose to look at them as the 30 year old leaders they could be and lead them and teach them today how they can be those people in the future. I would love to get into future planning and long term goals for business’ ect.

We also discussed the drama triangle which is all about how people handle conflict. I remember learning this last year whilst learning counselling last year. I find this drama triangle very valuable in leading teams and even communicating with my family and friends. I can identify peoples personality and communicate with them effectively in conflict to resolve it.


Lastly, we watched a video about how people handle conflict and resolve effectively. They used a acronym that I found very useful and will defiantly use it with my teams and personal relationships.

S – Source – what is the source of the conflict, who is involved

T – time and place – when and where to discuss

A – amicable approach – start with the positive, positive attention

B – behaviour – be specific

E – emotion -“because of this behaviour I felt. . . .”

N – need – what do I need out of the conflict, what do you need to change.


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