Week 6 (Mid semester report)

Creativity and design has been my most challenging subject in the BCE source so far. Why? Well I have no prior experience with art in particular visual art but I do have a high appreciation and love for it. I never took art or graphics or photography ect in high school so found myself out of my depth in the first few weeks of the course.

However, that is why I am doing the BCE course, I love art, I love design and want to get better and I wanted a challenge. I came out of high school having done the same thing for the last 13 years and I was desperate for a challenge, to feel a little bit out of my depth, to feel a little bit scared and be stretched out of my comfort zone in order to achieve my dreams and aspirations.

In the C&D class I have had to gain confidence in showing my work to other people and present it on my wordpress site. But with Pauls weekly encouragement of practise makes perfect and caring more about the effort and quantity rather than the quality has really given my the opportunity to slowly grow in that confidence.

One of the biggest revelations to me within the first 6 weeks was buying tracing paper. This has radically helped me and changed my approach to the assignments and given me the confidence to accomplish the tasks that I have needed to do.

The last thought I wanted to share in this review was that I have loved the course and it has given me so much confidence to give drawing a go compared to the first few weeks where I was feeling intimidated by other peoples work and shy about my own, but I have come to understand that it is totally ok if I am not the best drawer or painter in the class (or the world) and I may never be but acknowledging that everyone has their strengths. Some of my friends in the class are amazing drawers and painters and that is them and in our project work we will defiantly maximise on their talent. Everyone has something to offer, mine may not be drawing or painting ect but I will find that thing that I can bring to the table.

Like I said before: everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and everyone should bring to the table what they can; bringing their strength to the team but I firmly believe we all need to work on our weaknesses rather than ignoring and neglecting them, C&D has given me the opportunity to do that.


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