Week 7 (Ethical issues in design)

Designs are so powerful, we see them everywhere, from the billboards we drive past in the morning to our toothpaste packet. Designs have the ability to encourage us, empower us and also change our opinion or perceptions. However, we need to be consciously aware of what we are taking in and forming our own opinions. What we read forms ideas and opinions in us that reflect the designers personal point of view, we need to be judging for ourselves the opinions on ethical issues.

Below are 3 examples of designs that address ethical issues that are controversial.

Firstly, Donald duck cartoon propaganda in WW2

This cartoon was made in 1943 the height of WW2, this cartoon is aimed at children in america teaching them to be against the Nazi party and Japanese people. The cartoon revolves around a night mare Donald duck has that he is stuck in a NAZI ruled word where he is forced to make war materials, saying hail Hitler numerous, and orders with knives in his back by yellow faced japanese characters and silly, goofy German officers. Donal finally wakes up from his night mare wearing red and blue star’s boxer shorts and is proclaims how relieved his is to be an american, finishing by kissing a statue of Lady Liberty.


Secondly, Superman – Japoteurs

Superman – Jappeurs made in 1942 again trying to empower superiority and confidence in Americans during the time of WW2. Superman is a character created in this time to represent america, he wears red and blue, a god and practically perfect in everyday, he is undefeatable. In this cartoon he is saving americans from being bombed by a plane hijacked by a Japanese man.

At the time Superman was created to empower America that they could win the war, he was a god and perfect, however he was only advertising the white people of america, unfortunately America has had many racial issues in the past including the black civil rights protests and even the racism and leaders such a Donald trump still having a racist outlook, possibly these are negative effects of propaganda like this.


Lastly, Can you recognise this font? it is probably one on the most popular copyrighted font in the world, it is no other than Cococola.



Coco-cola is a copyrighted brand and is very popular for it. They have done very well at creating a brand that is so recognisable and when recognised creating positive emotions associated with memories, in particularly coco-cola reinventing Santa Claus as a christmas promotional image.






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