Week 8 (18th April)

The Future of Work

The theme team presentation for today was all about the future of work. What will our future work environments look like, feel like, communication and interaction, what are the predictions and are we looking forward to a positive or negative future work environment.

The quote that was used as an opening line stood out to me, it goes:

“The glamour of Wall street is gone.”

What did they mean my that? well I took away that the present and future working world is no longer full of smartly dressed people going to fancy offices and high rise buildings but rather we are almost going through a new working technology revolution just similar to the impacts of the industrial revolution.

We will see an increase in manufacturing lines, call centres, and people working from home and having access to business for them selves rather than companies, for example the extreme decline in postal services and large redundancy of NZ post, also video hire stores and travel agents going ‘out of fashion’ as the increase in accessibility to internet replaces human interactive services and in replaced by netflicks.

They are calling the future of work the 2nd industrial revolution the technological revolution. This will have a huge impact on New Zealand as we are leaders in the world for technological advancement and being a primary industry exporter. It is expected that 46% of jobs in New Zealand are at risk of automation in the next two decades.

Therefore, we need to change, we need to innovative, invent like New Zealanders are usually good at. As old jobs change and are lost, new ones are invented and we need to retrain in order to stay relevant.

5 trends that will be seen in the future of work:

  1. Globalisation: We connect more with the world, through social medias and internet a person is able to do business to international clients
  2. Mobility: with personal device people have no reason to leave their homes. good for environment.
  3. New Behaviours: less personal interaction and communication skills?
  4. technology
  5. millennial demography


Myself and Jaya also presented a innovation presentation on 3d printers the slides found here:


I really enjoyed researching this as I found it to be such an amazing piece of technology and love seeing the future predictions of making it affordable for average household to have 3d printers in their homes.


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