Week 9 (9th May)

Today was our first day back to Unitec after the holidays of the first half of semester one, although the break was good it will be nice to get back into routine.

Our class this Monday was all about introducing us to cameras (SLR and DSLR) and in particular exposure and depth of field.

Firstly, we learnt about what makes up a camera, what the mirrors do, the different buttons and the lens, and the digital screen thing.

Secondly, we started going in depth into the meaning and application of exposure. Exposure is all about the amount of light that goes into the photo or film. Exposure can be controlled on a camera by 3 things:

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.21.52 PM


ISO (International Organization for Standardisation): sensors for light sensitivity

Aperture/iris: How much light gets through to sensor. Measured in f-stops.

‘The lens aperture is usually specified as an f-number, the ratio of focal length to effective aperture diameter.’



Shutter speed: How long (time) the sensor gets to sense light.

‘Shutter speed or exposure time is the length of time when the film or digital sensor inside the camera is exposed to light.’


Lastly, we learnt about depth of field, which is photographing or filming two items that may be far away or close to each other, its all about the distance between objects and focusing on the one which is most important.

We recorded 3 things that can effect the depth of field:

  1. Exposure/apertureScreen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.24.00 PM
  2. length of lensScreen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.24.08 PM
  3. distance from camera



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