Week 10 (16th May)


Today as a class we met in building one for an announcement then started our lecture on lighting after splitting into groups A and B.

I found this class extremely useful, practical and interactive. I enjoyed the interaction with the lecturer as he stood in different areas in the room and we assessed the lighting surrounding and upon him. We learnt about different lighting techniques and also lightly touch on what lighting is appropriate in different genres of situations. For example talking about hard and sold light.

Hard light shows sharp line, lots of details and strong shadow definitions in contrast to soft lighting where the shadows tend to blend into the other light and is more gentle. Hard light can be used to show the authority, roughness and toughness of a character. You could use hard lighting in suspense, thriller or glamour shoots. Rather than soft lighting can be gentle, is good to capture family, children, peace, and comedy.

I found this class relevant and practical because I know lighting will be so important in any design but also in stage and set design and interior design. I currently have a hard light in my bathroom that cast shadows on my face from above and this annoys me a lot when I am trying to put my makeup on.


We then went down the the photo studio and played around with actual lighting and diffusers which can turn the hard light into soft light and polystyrene boards that act as reflectors or barriers to the light.

Some photos of us doing this is seen below.



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