Week 10 (17th May)

‘Think outside the box.’

As we came into class today it was very dark and very cold, why? because the power in the 180 building area was out. A power cut. So we had our lesson old style, analog, no videos, no computer screens, no wifi and no lights. To be honest I found this quite difficult and come to the realisation of how much I expect technology to entertain and stimulate my learning.

Today we talked about innovation, how new ideas and products are created and designed. We started with a group activity writing down all the objects of innovation in our world today. We got off to a slow start but soon came to realise almost everything around us was a product of innovative design, we started naming everything in the room and normal household objects that we usually take for granted: fridge, phone, tv, radio and lots lots more.

We then engaged in class discussion on different innovations and where they originated from for example the radio was given as an example, John went on to explain that Sony productions were the first company to invent the portable radio. Portable radios were an expansion on the idea of the radio that was very large normally acted as a piece of furniture in a family home or business. When the rock and roll music era came in youth and young adults wanted to break away from listening to music as a family compared to individually, the portable radio was a way they could do this. But 50 years on we see how that innovation of a portable radio has evolved even more, into walkman cd player, then to iPods and MP3 player and our equivalent nowadays maybe be podcast on our phone or popular radio/music apps such as Spotify, iHeartradio and Pandora.

Hazel pointed out something that really impacted me and my thinking. She explained that inventions and innovative ideas are a collection of old designs and become improvements of them. Hazel also encouraged us that the best inventions and ideas are simply obvious and practical more efficient ways of old mundane activities and design objects.

We had our own go at being innovative using a potato as our inspiration. We came up with many ideas as seen below.IMG_1060

We were asked to mash the ideas together to create one, I came up with biodegradable festival furniture. Seeming from the idea that many festival or events such as the olympics create furniture for the event then find it wasteful afterwards. Using potato skins and a paper mache technique you could create furniture or sculpture that then can be disposed of quickly and in an environmentally friendly way with very little waste.

Lastly, we had the challenge in our groups to be able to prevent an egg being smashed on the ground when dropped from a considerable height using only 7 pieces on white printer paper. Our team decided to create a cone to catch the egg whilst it was also wrapped light a present for extra cushioning.




As you can see in the 3rd phone we missed catching the egg and consequently the egg was smashed. The only team to succeed in this challenge was John and Hazel who had actually used a hard boiled eggs.


Finally, some wisdom from Thomas Edison quoted by John.


“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”


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