Week 9 (Balance, tone and Proportion)

I have learnt so much in our time studying the impact and use of balance, tone and proportion. These images above I especially liked. I will attempt to produce something similar to the widows and orphans image on the left using water colours incorporating tone.

Personally, tone has been the most impacting element to have learnt about. As you can see from all the images above the tonal elements creates depth and difference to the image.

After discovering John Corrigans pintrest board on Lettering + Letterforms last week I found his other boards really interesting and sparks many ideas within me.


I believe all balance, tone and proportion is useful in every design area. I have been  exploring how tone may be able to help in interior design as the church I am on the leadership team of is preparing to repaint their foyer area. The foyer is a narrow and long rectangle space with very little natural lighting. They wish to make the area feel lighter and larger. Since this exercise I wonder if using a light coloured paint with a slight ombre, change in tone would suit this purpose, starting from lighter as they walk down the room to a very slight darker tone as the room progresses if it will feel like the room is elongating, or vice versa ??



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