Project: 7th – 14th April

In our first discussion we highlighted just a few ideas that we may have seen or thought would be cool ideas, we brought them all together. We then attempted to go through and see which ones were going to be unachievable as my perception idea as seen below.


And then with what was left see how the differing ideas could be merged to accommodate different peoples interests and opinions. Through this whole time I didn’t feel like there was any conflict in our discussion, the team however is still learning to speak up, some more personalities are emerging which is cool too.

We came up with the 4 wall scene exploring different culture.


We then worked on the back story of the design, to add meaning to it. We explored the idea of migration, we check the dates to see if the project lined up with Matariki, theme of multicultural unity ect.

We then realised 4 wall scenes would be too large and scaled it down to 3 cultures represented in our group

  • Chinese
  • Polish
  • Pacific Island

We also looked into the idea of using recycled material to represent NZ clean green initiatives and also for the benefit of lower cost.

Click to access summary-leaflet-aug01.pdf

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