Project: 5th – 12th May

We very early on chose the AV room as our project room, others came to us wanting some of the space but we had big ambitions. We wanted to make a cultural exhibition and thought the AV room would be perfect because of its large square shape and the access to the tv’s and projectors.

New plan

As we came to realise our ambition exceeded our capabilities. We realised our project was going to take up to much resources and time.

We were in the project class and all of a sudden I was bombarded by the realisation of how much time we had left and how much work we had dent done. So I approached the group and was completely honest, I don’t think this is achievable. They agreed and we set to work on down scaling.

Wow we have gone from 4 walls to 3 to making it smelled again as seen my our model drawing.IMG_1025

Then to have down scaled again to an outline of NZ divided by iwi regions.

The a 3d boarder containing paper made, origami styles icons that represent each culture that lives in New Zealand. We will use white printer paper because we think it will be a good surface to show tone and shadows on when hung on the wall of the AV room.


We have now made a schedule plan for the next 4 weeks to accomplish. We realised we need to start filming our processes as soon as possible to have content for the making our video presentation.

We have had problems with some people not turning up on Thursdays but I believe our communication on Facebook and text has been very good in notifying the team.




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