Week 11 (24th May)


Despite the delays in getting to Unitec today due to a break down on the harbour bridge todays class was very informative.

We had two guest speakers and Rowena was back from her trip. The first was Wheromena who is a second year BCE student who had recently been on an art trip to wellington for Maori and Pacifica student that that was fully funded. This sounds like a really cool opportunity but I doubt I would get the same opportunities based on my nationality.

This morning was a really good opportunity to ask a second year BCE student their thoughts on their first year and how different or how they are managing their second year.

We explored New Zealand Entrepreneurs including the Tamaki brother, and Te Awa mall along with other NZ Maori creative Entrepreneurs. The company Nga Aho (http://www.ngaaho.maori.nz/index.php?m=2) who supports Maori and Pacific Entrepreneurs to impact NZ communities.

I struggled with the first half of the class, feeling that I couldn’t participate in these activities because of my nationality on paper, despite the fact that I grew up in hamilton and my mother in Huntly not having written the date in english until she was in high school. I know my full mihi and have the Maori king as family friend yet I am still unable to participate in these activities.

The second speaker was Ngaire Molyneux who is a lecturer at Unitec of Strategic management and also a business advisor. She presented us with the Te Awa Maori entrepreneurs pathway within Unitec to help Maori students who wish to be business owners and make a global impact, such as business like Kiwa Media.



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