Project: 26th May

Today we finally got started on our project and we were so productive !! Im so proud of our team and how much we did today, our project is finally coming alive.

I sent out a message to everyone the night before saying that we all really needed to be there and each member turned up and helped out 🙂

We had a brief teaching from Paul about the presentation logistics to be held on the 24th and 25th of June. Also Gina briefly spoke about making the distinction between filming the process of our project making journey compared to the filming on the end product. Gina said to “think of the camera work as an active integrated installation of the project.”


Shortly after this we got stuck into our project. Jaya and myself went to the technicians and borrowed a tripod for our filming and a data projector. We used this projector to project an outline of New Zealand onto our studio wall of which Alex and Sonny traced around with pencil.


We then had chicken wire to put on the inboard wall to act as our base for our papermache, Paul was very helpful in this process offering advice and tools. We eventually used a stable gun to attach it to the wall and cut off the excess with wire cutters. After using blunt cutters and getting many cuts myself from the wire Joe from another team offered his tools and we were done in no time.

After our full New Zealand was on the wall we started paper Maching. We finished the top side of the south island as the weather was very cold and it wasn’t drying in a hurry.

I feel really proud of my team, I think we have worked really well together and I have been impressed how everyone has pulled their weight and contributed. I believe I also contributed considerably as I brought resources from home for the paper mache and wire cutters, I took a sort of leadership role, I was the team cheerleaders, helping out where ever I could, wire cutting to paper Mache.


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