Week 12 (30th June)

Today we were out of the class exploring natural lighting outdoors and how we can fill or negatively fill spaces. The day was overcast and raining off an on however there was one point in which the sun was shining bright that we got out quickly to see how we could bounce the light around.

I was main screen holder assistant, so I held the polystyrene board or the black screen to block out or reflect the sun light. I learnt that the white bounce board acts as a reflector so you must be facing the sun then to direct the light where you wish like a mirror.

With sun light, because it is over head, it is good to shine the bounce underneath the face in order to minimise that shadows created under the chin and brow. It is also best to have the natural light behind the subject to then use the screens to reflect it back at them, because it would be a lot harder to bounce the light from behind them because the model is blocking the light from hitting the reflector.

We spent a long time just experimenting with different people of different skin tones and bone structure.


I was then very intrigued by the amount of light bouncing of the crysp white t-shirt of stewart and wondered how you would be able to capture two contrasts in one frame without the over exposure of one. As a class we experimented with this using the two screens and a light blue sheet to defuse the light.


This video was a very good summary of what I had learnt today.



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