Week 12 (31st May)

Today our class was a bit different. We had class in the afternoon compared to the usual morning and we went on a field trip to Art Space on K road.

Unfortunately I didn’t get many photos but I did really enjoy the day. I was very interesting to go to the art gallery to see some art but also see how the company actually runs and works. Art Space in particular is a publicly funded gallery with a small amount of staff, interns and a volunteer data base. It was very informative to hear the interns experiences and what they do in the gallery. Their internship exists for 12 months and they spend their time helping around the gallery and also providing part education for surrounding schools and institutes.

I was asked by other students in our class wether or not I would like to volunteer at an art gallery, my response was as the following, although I love art galleries and really do appreciate visiting and admiring the art work to work there would be something else. I wouldn’t like to be confined to one building or area. I did however like the idea of doing the education stuff because I think galleries are a distinct character of people and smaller crowd of influence compared to what I would like to do, I like to connect with people and personally am not a visual artist.

The day was also very good for connecting with other students and networking outside of the classroom. We went to Mercury Plaza for lunch and I felt that we all connected really well and had a lot of fun.


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