Week 12:Design Context Assumptions

When deciding whom to design my object for I did extensive research on the demographic using many sites in particularly the New Zealand statistics website. This facts also gave me insight into the psychographics of the people group. However, these facts do not give definite explanations of the individual customers in which I am designing for, the psychographics although informed are actually imagined in my report. I designed for the everyman archetype which I said was majority of the people in Pukekohe, however, I believe that was stereotypical not actual and more based on my opinion and experiences.


Therefore, my experience in actually working and volunteering in the community is hugely valuable and gives me a better understanding of this audience and the user of this product. In particularly with children.


The first target audience I chose for my design object was the demographic of primary aged students (aged 5-11) in the Franklin area, particularly those residing in Pukekohe. More specifically appealing to those students with leadership potential or who wish to be leaders and gain confidence. The psychographics included: The Succeeder and The Explorer.

I believed my design object would have best suited children aged 5-11 in Pukekohe as the demographic is largely middle to lower income families that need encouragement to break out of the mainstream, everyman archetype. The Franklin district has a huge percentage of children with statistical evidence that 5-14 year olds are the largest age group living in that area. ‘22.4 per cent of people are aged under 15 years in Franklin Local Board Area’

The second target audience I chose for my advertising design is the parents and caregivers of these children.


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