Week 13 (7th June)

3 P’s of presenting: Preparation, Prevents, Poor Performance

Presenting and public speaking is my absolute favourite. Communication is my dream, I weekly speak in front of large crowds of various ages and ethnicities and translators, I would consider myself a clear communicator but I would love to improve. 11709494_856621571051846_8998943908434712684_nI will definitely apply tips that John gave in my own communication. Such as the importance of preparation. Just because your a good speaker doesn’t make the session good, it is essential to also have good clear content.

We came up with various aspects of presenting that are needed to be effective, such as: eye contact, use of tones, body posture and gesture, effective visual illustrations, no crutch/repetitive words such as ah or um, volume, content, and audience appropriation.

I personally need to apply the audience appropriation tip, my audience I regularly speak with are children and teenagers. I have spoken infant of adult but have struggled speaking infant of young adults, maybe because of peer pressure or because of my struggle to make content relevant to them despite being a young adult myself.



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