Project: 9th June

Previous to the class this morning I went to spotlight to see what types of paper we could get to create our patch work after creating the list of districts and corresponding signifiers.

Spotlight had a large selection of scrapbook paper but I only ended up buying two types, the silver reflective one for auckland and the black sparkly one representing coal for the otago district. I thought that I could print of the other types of graphic paper to be more economical and house the resources available to us at unitec.

After listening to Ginas presentation about our stay at the marae I also volunteered to write our script for our presentation as I believe that communication is probably one of my strengths but also I wasn’t sure all our team members were convicted they were coming to the marae or didn’t know what was going on.

I then went down to hire a projector in order for us to project the district outlines onto NZ to be able to accurately trace. We spent a long time trying to adjust it to fit our mould but then were able to trace it very easily.


Our team had also made some paper models of an idea to surround the island with blue waves.


After tracing the districts I went on to covering the otago district with my black paper that I had brought whilst Jaya made the covering for the canterbury area using metallic coloured papers to act as a symbol for the stainless window of the Christchurch cathedral.

However I cut the black paper wrong the first time so Paul suggested I collage it, and this actually worked better because the card was too thick to mould around the wall.

Whilst the team was out for lunch I researched other graphics for the districts remaining which was a lot, so I found a few prints and printed them off in the building one copy centre, it cost 12 dollars all together but it was printed very quickly so I got onto putting it up straight away.

This week we may lots of progress today, lee and myself covered a few the districts with the printed paper I got. Jaya and Alex did the Canterbury district and sonny came in later with the blue paper to make the waves. We only have one Thursday left of making before we need to get the video done for our marae trip. I hope all goes well but I feel really happy with the progress we have made.


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