Intro to Story Project report

The Intro to story class was very influential in our project design process.

We started off with the intent to create a cultural exhibition to reflect each team members culture and context. To show how each team member came to New Zealand and their back story in order to have an art piece that reflected New Zealand’s multicultural society of 2016.


We created the story of our project as a conventional story type. Each individual team member coming from different places and countries including, Poland, China, Pacific Islands, England and Africa with the conventional archetype event of migrating or leaving home in order to create a new home, in this case the new home is in New Zealand all for different context reasons.

Carl Jung first came up with the theory of archetypes as a therapeutic solution, for people to express their feelings by identifying archetype events in their life as well as archetype characters that parallel with their own. Our project was a follow on from Jung’s original purpose, to reflect New Zealand as a patchwork, a jigsaw of many parts in order to teach people about New Zealand’s multiculturalism and past stories of racism.

Our final paper piece is a patchwork of New Zealand, a collaboration of Icons, symbols and indices making a final picture that is both extremely informative and entertaining. Each district of New Zealand is represented my a different paper texture, colour of graphic that is a signified meaning of that district, what it is known for, what it means to its people.

For example the Canterbury region is covered in a mosaic of metallic colours. The significant meaning to New Zealanders is that Christchurch is a broken city in particular because of its history of earthquakes. This was a major moment in NZ’s history when we all joined in support of the people of Christchurch.


The denotation meaning of our paper project is that it is a paper mache of the shape of New Zealand covered in different coloured papers. However, the connotation to our group is that New Zealand is our home and we are all very different, cultures, genders, contexts, but we all bring something special to make New Zealand what it is today. We are each a piece of a patchwork making up New Zealand.


Below is the google slide presentation, notice the first 3 slides with the black background are my portion of the slides including my speech notes.


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