Week 2 (1st August)

Today was our first class of Specialist Technologies for semester two 2016.We got straight back into it however, I did not feel over loaded in fact it was refreshing to get back into learning and stretching my brain after such a long holiday break.

The latest news in the tech world is Mary Meekers annual internets trend report, apparently its very long and very intense. We had a look at it in class and I found it so interesting, although I had to read the jargon many times to understand.

Our discussion revolved around very similar topics as last semester: What is the big thing now, and what will the next big thing be?

It was so interesting to find out that there has been a decline in shipments of smart phones, we concluded this was because the large innovation and upgrade of the smart phone was between 2007 and 2014. Now however, although not all people may have the latest iPhone 6s majority of people are happy with not upgrading for smaller differences. I believe in this area Apple and Samsung may have let them selves down. They once provided major differences of innovation between their up grades however, from what I have noticed personally is that now their is rounded edges and the iPhone 6E looks exactly like the 5s. I won’t be buying into that. Who as an apple products consumer buys an upgrade that looks like a downgrade? its all about the appearance right? as you can see from the image below, the visual presentation of the 5s compared to 6Se which is 3 upgrade forward there is not much difference at all.



The other trend that was realised by Mary Meeker (and this might I say blew my mind because of how genius it is) was the innovation of snapchat (which Mary said is the best messaging app at the moment) In particular their face filters, going even further to advertising through filters, but wait!! they take it a level higher and use advertising filters as a way to create personal, relational advertising. GENIUS!!

Let me explain this in an actual example: SnapChat creates a filter on behalf of taco bell to advertise their restaurant. The filter turns your face into a taco but also has a water mark in the corner of Taco Bells label.

People want social media and advertising to be more personal, relational and applicable to them? what better way than to get your best friend send you a picture of themselves endorsing taco bell. We are doing the advertising to our friends on behalf of taco bell. Brilliant Idea!!

I found the Mary Meekers class fascinating, even though it is a report of the past year it has caused me to be excited to see the advances we have in the next years and following, and I hope we may be part creating it.

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