C&D Week 2: Discovering K road

Today was only my second time on K road besides the day we went to art space, however this is the first day I really explored K road.

Obviously K road has many stereotypes but I found it so informing and eye opening to actually spend time and investigate K road, although I felt like a tourist I was very pleasantly surprised.

I was intrigued by the contrasts in architecture from old historical churches to tagged run down buildings then to the iron bank building which is very modern and corporate. I took photos of this in order to perhaps inspire different project focus angles.

My photographs also feature many art pieces in particular typography. I loved the typography art pieces because they are art pieces in themselves with lovely colours and styles but also they also have an extra meaning from the actual written interpretation.

My favourite place on K road to date would have to be myers park. I loved the old english style with marble floors, larges stained glass windows and lampposts. But it also incorporated the modern into the street with light boxes and shop signs, and the matchbox studio bright watermelon colours, the two contrasting styles are a nice pairing.

Day Time

Night Time

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