ProfEnter Week 2 (2nd August)

Today was our very first class of Professional Enterprise and also our first lesson with Chris de Groot. I loved todays class as I found it was a breathe of fresh air to come back from a brain numbing holidays to being stretched in my thinking. It was also interesting to know of Chris’ education and work experience background, noteworthy of which was his scuba diving mouth piece design which sold large quantities to the French Navy.

I have been encouraged in the introduction of this class that it seems a lot more focus to our project work and career preparation in contrast to last semester which I felt was more personal development.

My project group and I have organised our members prior to the class so it took a out a lot of the awkward group selection process and allowed us to inherit the class content with an idea and focus in mind.

I would consider leadership to be a strength of mine but also an area that I would like to develop further and pursue in the future. The content of project management refuelled these desires and was new tool to directly apply in my self management but also other teams or projects that I may manage.

“I would always choose someone who delivers work on time and is easy to communicate with B+ talent over an A+ talent but always delivers work 2 weeks late.” – Chris

One idea that I have taken away from todays lesson was that even enormous daunting project can be finished effectively and maybe even stress free when managed correctly. An effective tool would be using Gnatt charts. I found this the most effective tool as it gives a sort of progress report as it has two columns: planned and actual.

“Be a designer that can have a design conversation with an accountant – know where you are and what your process it.” – Chris 

After todays lecture I felt encouraged that this semester the project will be really great but also that we have a large wealth of knowledge from new lecturers to draw from.


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