STORY: Week 1 (27th July)

Today was our first class of Story world, It was so good to get back into using my brain as I had felt it went dead over the holidays.

We were challenged by the idea that nothing is an original, specifically all art and design pieces are merely steals of other already made.

I find it so funny how presenters will open up with a shocking sometime controversial catch phrase in order to capture peoples attention, this weeks video was “Steal like an artist” or “the best designers steal.”

However, when listening to the video more and Austin Kleon explain his idea further; I then understood his opinion.

It is imposible for us as humans to create something original and completely unheard of or unimagined. Even our own body are a created from two prior sources, our parents. Our language, our ideas, our education, have been worked on for thousands of years to become what it is today.

This ‘steal like an artist’ idea gave me a lot of confidence, why? because I always thought in order to be a mega super famous rich designer you had to come up with an idea so original. That is not the case, rather we need to expand our horizons, research a lot more in order to pull ideas from more sources to collaborate into one idea. Or how Scott put it – exit the village to expand the gene pool.

This week I questioned someone about the intelligence of our generation. They were arguing that our generation, our world today is the more intelligent that has ever been. I contrasted that thought with this; Yes we have a lot more knowledge and higher education and qualified society than those 100 years ago however, we only have our knowledge today because it has been tried and tested over thousands of years. We may think that people were silly to think that the world was flat but that was only because someone found out for us that it wasn’t.

Below is a small family tree considering the inspiration for my personal fashion style. Starting with two girls Abby and Brittany that I know and I researched their Pinterest and Instagram accounts.



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