ICA TOOLS WEEK 2 (Illustrator)

If there was any thing I learnt from tools last term it would be this. Practise makes perfect. Although I am not claiming to be perfect in fact I would say I am far from it, however, I do know that the only way I will become better at anything ESPECIALLY the adobe suit is my using it as much as I can for everything. This is what I did last semester with in design and now I love it.

After becoming more familiar with the other adobe programs I have gained more confidence in the formatting and found it is again true for illustrator. Although I did struggle in the first few hours, once I got into a rhythm and learn some of the quick keys I found I was going faster and more efficient. However, I do know with any artist including graphic design it just takes time and lots of practise to perfect your work.

penguin-07Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 3.13.25 PM


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