PROF/ENTER Week 3 (9th August)

What can new design graduates offer the already experience and knowledgeable design companies? that was the question proposed to us at the start of todays class.

There are some basic broad skills that we will learn in our degree that other students will all have also – drawing, painting, computer skill, but what we will need to do business, to be employed over other graduates in the understanding of social media and ecommerce.

The business society we will graduate into and look for jobs in will be looking for student who have experience and wisdom to serve in these areas. This is why we are looking into doing a ecommerce build up and running assignment throughout this semester.

“The building part is easy – the running and selling part is hard.”

Chris said this when talking about building a ecommerce store and social media and marketing. I personally found this class incredibly helpful as I believe this skills taught and things we discussed were extremely practical and relevant to myself.

I currently run my church social media platforms and also my own start up company: The Dress Garden which was launched 3 weeks ago. I am happy with the design and layout of the online store and have been happy with my social media progress with the Dress Garden and intact saw 594 Facebook referrals to my website in one day which was the second day of launching the Facebook page. However, I have been struggling converting my marketing and advertising into sales. With the Elim Christian Centre Franklin page I believe it is running well and getting good interaction however, I would like to do a new boost over the next couple of weeks to get more likes and followers, this is in order to reach more people in social media. Below is my current work and I would love and appreciate some feedback and advice.



We later on discussed more of what our in class assignment might include by making group brainstorms of what we think the most important thing about ecommerce is, here is my groups brainstorm.



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