STORY: Week 2 (3rd August)

Recently I got my colours done. What is this? well it is when you meet with a stylist and they show you the colours that best complement your skin tone in order for you to shop more wisely when it comes to clothing, make up and jewellery.

Everybody has different skin tones and appearance characteristics but the undertone of your skin will never change and these can be separated in to two categories: warm and cool, and then from those the stylist can match you up with a seasonal colour palette as a guide.

My season is summer. What colouring is summer? well I am very fair skin with very blonde hair. Summer’s are usually very light skinned and has a cooler tone. Kate Middleton is also a summer, fair skin but dark hair. Sommer colours can be best described as an english garden. Apparently. This is my colour booklet:


Characteristically summer coloured people are usually more of a gentle nature, in contrast to winter people which tend to be more bold in their colours but also in their outfit styling.

Where am I going with this? I gained a very interesting insight about myself from my style inspiration family tree and that is: majority of my inspirations in fact 5/6 on this tree are winter colours.


What does this insight tell me about myself, well, myself as a summer who naturally has a more gentle, modest nature similar to Kate Middleton and Reece Witherspoon desires to be more bold, daring and out there with my styling choices like winter Kim Kardashian and Meegan Fox.

I feel like this tells me more about myself. Do I admire these people fashion and follow their fashion sense because I see characteristics in them, expressed through their styling choices because I don’t see the same characteristics in myself and wish to be more than what I am. Although I do love these girls fashion I do find myself not very regularly wearing exact outfits of theirs out of shyness and not wanting people to look at me out of a crowd.

Yet when I talked to the Stylist Keri, she agreed but also came from another angle. Keri said that she knows so many winters that wish they were more gentle, more modest, more like summers in nature. Funny huh? but always seems to be the way.

So here is my last thought for the day, I believe we should all have mentors, inspirations or people we look up to, but they should be people unlike ourselves. Why? well we need to be always looking forward, looking to how we can grow and improve ourselves. We should chose people to aspire to because we see values and characteristics in them that we don’t yet have ourselves in order to one day attain that and maybe even become someones else’ inspiration.


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