Week 3: Drawing for Analysis

I commend the lectures for adapting our class content and class assignments to better align with our project development. Through this exercise I have made some very valuable discoveries to contribute to our project development, specifically the art of rotoscope.



I am still so surprised at the many different unique spaces of K road. I love walking around and finding little gateways to new places like the brick archway I traced.

In my drawing process I would describe the historical buildings and architecture of Karangahape road in two words: 1. liney, What does that mean? well I had to use a ruler a lot, the buildings were very tall, symmetrical and boxed. Secondly, I found they were very detailed as seen in the drawing of Hopetoun Alpha’s decorative detail of the celling and the baptist tabernacle pillar tips. This is a lot of work for a labour and I wonder if that is why we don’t see as much of this work made today, in contrast our modern day architecture seems to be as minimalistic as possible, easier and faster to make.

This weeks ICA has caused me to notice a few things about the architecture and environments of K road. Through this exercise I was also introduced to the art of rotoscope and animation which is a style that our group has decided to incorporate into our project. I started looking into rotoscope and found some cool resources that are very similar to this ICA.

From this inspiration of this video I decided to make an animation video using rotoscope animation on photoshop, which I google tutorials for. This video is to promote an upcoming national conference for a childrens program that I help run. Please ignore the message, even watch on mute if you like but see how the tracing exercise inspired me for this video.


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