Perspective Week 3 (12th August)

I found it very valuable to hear from Mike Bundock, Director and Founder of Augview today as I loved how his company is using Augmented Reality in a real and applicable way.

Augview mashes geotech and AR and GPS to create a GIS application that can be used on majority of mobile devices for surveyors, geotech and construction workers.

Although my passion doesn’t aline with geographical data I admired Mikes and his idea to create this application that is practical and used in the work force in contrast to many AR applications that are simply for entertainment and gaming, like Pokemon go which is not a very informing application.

This is also helpful in the realisation of our group project and the practicals of how the applications are made. It is very mathematical really. But after this class our team has decided to develop a stationary device rather than using AR, however if our dream was every developed further using AR would be a very cool and interactive technology, however it would clash with the business of the Road Heritage walks.

Our inspiration of the Australian ‘Block- Stories from a meeting place’ would would really well on a AR app on a mobile device. Below is a video I have made of the block and you could see the movement could be paired with AR.



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