STORY: Week 3 (10th August)

I have noticed this semester that our class content and reflection exercises are a lot more aligned to contribute to our project development. I have found this really useful as It is becoming more clear what each class requires of their project assessment but also because it has given us more opportunities to be able to work with our team from an early stage, collaborate on ideas and really figure out each others strengths and talents.

Though this exercise in particular we have been able to get a definite sense of our direction as a team.

1: What is the name of your group?


2: Who are the members?

Charlie, Reecy, Bailey, Joe

3: What is the Proposition you’re responding to?

What is present will deliver to us the future.

4: Why have you chosen this Proposition?

We want to explore how Karangahape Road can grow and advance in the future but yet maintain its culture of the now

5: What is the Outcome format you have selected?

We will do this through a publication (both printed and digital) that explored individual characters of K’road through interviews. These videoed interviews will also be incorporated into the digital publication.

6: Why have you chosen that format?

We would like to do this because it is best tailored to celebrate the individuals of k road whilst presenting it in a contemporary and futuristic form, complementing the people of the present and the technology of the future.

7: Is there a specific question that underlies your Group Project?

How can Karangahape road grow and advance in the future whilst authentically maintaining its present culture?

8: What do you currently know about the issue, topic, idea or field that you want to investigate?

We would like to tell the stories of the individual personalities instead of a large population focus. This is because we feel that individual of K road can often be overlooked and stereotyped within New Zealand.

9: What is the story of Karangahape Road that you wish your group to tell?

The culture of K’road is made up of many individual personalities; these personalities will shape the future of K’road. We wish to highlight specific people and present their stories as they play a part in the collective make up of Kroad.


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