STORY: Week 4 (17th August)

I have decided to research the effect of technology on Karangahape road in order to contribute to my project group to address our the 3rd proposition which is ‘what is present will deliver us to the future.’

My research question is, What effect does the use of social and interactive technology currently have on the residents, business owners, frequent and infrequent visitors of Karangahape road?

To what extend has social and interactive technology influenced the culture of Kroad in 2015 to 2016 with particular reference to social media.

How can interactive technology be used in the next 3 years within Karangahape road?

My research will include both quantitative and qualitative research paradigms, this is because I want to explore first the amount of social media platforms and webpages that are associated with K’road but then further explore with personal interaction the effects that social technology has on the culture of K’road in particularly: events, relationships and stores.

I am going to walk down K’road to see to what extend social media is advertised within the streets, particularly store owners and artists, then I will investigate on social media platforms and also personally contact via social medias, email or talking peoples first hand accounts.

I am planning on firstly walking down Kroad to take a photo of every social media icon and web page that I can find to develop quantitative research to see if this is worth exploring further or if there is actually a lack of this technology on K’road and needs to further investigation.

I would like to also research social and interactive medias from other towns and cities domestically and internationally.

I think this will greatly contribute to our group project as it is a contemporary way to research peoples public information and interact with them. Also as the use of technology is forecasted to rapidly increase in the future we would like to investigate ways to help K’road advance in its interactive technology however still allowing it to maintain its unique culture.

Below is some of my brainstorming regarding our research assignment, as many, many helpful and relevant resources where shown to us by Scott last Wednesday.




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