Week 4 (19th August)

Our guest lecturer Simon Che de Boer was passionate about his business and expertise.

Here is what I learnt from the day:

Firstly the difference between VR and 360 cam. Simon was very clear in showing its differences saying that it is “night and day.” In VR you can walk around and look under a table go through a door way, you are in the environment, in contrast to 360 camera you are stuck in the same position “you are a head on a pole” said Simon.

I was really impressed with their video of Saint Mathews Cathedral in the city, and their sky tower project.

They believed that VR could also be used to help people conquer fears such as heights by creating virtual experiences like the green chair on the top of the sky tower. I personally wouldn’t like to try it as I can’t handle heights to begin with.

I was recently talking to one of my friends who is studying Paramedicine and he was saying that they have been using VR for mock emergency situations and they are even assessed on how they react and do their job in their virtual reality. I VR can be really helpful in training and in play.

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