Week 5 (22nd August)

Len Lye’s wind wand New Plymouth

Today we had a guest lecturer who shared about a kiwi artist Len Lye who died in 1980, Len deigned many things in his lifetime however some where not realised in time for him to see them. Our lecturer challenged us with this thought:

The resources for the things you envision may not be possible at this time but that doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea.

We were challenged to dream beyond our capabilities but even the capabilities of our world at this time. This was definitely my domain, my sort of challenge. I may not be the best maker, the most talented artist however I would consider myself quote good at dreaming.

Our challenge was another mash up of three household items, mine was a fridge a kettle and a scale. My mash up was a drink bottle to cool your water. Secondly, we had to stretch our brain to re-envision our mash up products with an opposite material. This is where my side became wacky and I fully emerged myself in the state of dreaming products up that were insensible but sounded really cool as well.

As I thought about the most obvious absurd material possible to develop a refrigerator drink bottle with I imagined my way into the spillanardo. A cup that does not have any physical structure but instead a device that creates a mini tornado cup. A very high pressure wind whirl pool that would be able to hold water as a cup and cool it at the same time, The air also always faces upwards so is impossible to tip over.

We then developed our ideas more into a children’s playgroup. Mine became a water park diving pool that used water and high pressure air in order to created a peter pan attraction, where you could jump off diving boards into clouds that would support you as you jumped between them and fell into a diving pool.




Imagine if we had the confidence to take the risks creating the weird, wacky and wonderful ideas that are usually filter through the too hard, too extreme or unrealistic of our brain. If we had the boldness to create the dreams we had for ourselves in spite of criticism and difficulty I wonder what kind of would we would live in today.

There were many people in history who created new products and theories that at the time seemed illogical but yet are common knowledge and use in our society today, but what about the people who were to scared to present to people their ideas and in turn vanished along with their time on earth. Oh the possibilities, the opportunities, but what is the key? Bravery.

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