Week 7:Exploring Space and Proportion

One of the best uses of scale in my opinion is the cold play music video Up and Up. Their imagination in this video is amazing, in just the 1st 20 second the golden gate bridge is seen in a pond, a dish sponge is a football field and a tea cup is a swimming pool. The surrealism is perfect and creative.

I also took this picture of my friends at Sylvia park because I thought this was a cool example of scale in product and interior design. I think scale is a essential and effective tool in interior design


Recently on House Rules they were challenged to transform a apartment for leukaemia patients, however they were very very small rooms and I thought that the Kitchen by Fil and Ryan was a extremely good use of space and their management in the scale and proportion of every element was wisely chosen to make the space fully operational and functional in a small space. I especially thought the idea of the breakfast bar with the slanted bench top was a good use of space and functionality.

Lastly, Proportion in graphic design particularly in lettering, the way these designers have used letter makes the characters also act as the image, the OK one is great.

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