Week 7 (5th September)

I was very excited to enter into this weeks lecture on web development. Web development is something I am very interested in but I find completely confusing and out of my depth, however, I understand the importance of having an effective online presence in todays day and age.

The guest lecturer was very helpful and went through a step by step guide to HTML basics and web coding. It was an interactive lesson as we were able to create our own settings.

I felt like I learnt so much during the lesson and found the work reasonably easy even though I know in reality is takes a lot of time and patience.

I was particularly interested in the CSS. The CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets which is the coding responsible for all the visual presentation of a webpages’ content e.g. the font, colours ect. I wish we had had more time to play around with this but I understand this was just an introduction lesson.

Over the mid semester break I decided to make my own website using wordpress and pre made theme. These themes have all the presentation settings for you to add all the content in yourself. However, I always wondered why it came up with a warning alert every time you entered into the coding web page as they didn’t advise you to alter any of it. I know understand how complicated this is if you don’t not know what you’re doing.

After researching coding more and reading the following articles about teaching coding to children in school, I feel that I am a bit behind. I wish I had learnt this in school. The one particular headline that stood out to me was People would ‘rather learn coding than a foreign language.’ It got me thinking about my sisters and their compulsory iPad learning primary schools, the rate that their learning is advancing and how a 7 year olds knowledge may be greater than their parents. I only finished school 1 year ago and find myself out dated even though I am studying a technology course. What will this mean for us graduating? We may specialise in creative technologies but in 5 years time will we have jobs because the primary students can make websites from scratch in their lunch time.




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