Enter/Prof Week 7 (6th September)

Our class started of a bit differently today and I didn’t know what all the commotion was about but we had a special guest lecturer Sir Ray Avery.

Ray Avery is a pharmaceutical scientist, inventor, and social entrepreneur in Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand. He has invented something called the life pod which is a baby incubator that can be made cheaply and used easily in 3rd work countries.

Ray talked about how New Zealand punches well above their weight, our rugby team is the best in the world yet the percentage of well abled men who play rugby is minimal to those of our rivals, we have the most rocket scientist per capita in the world and our land and environments encourage us if not urge us to be create, take risks and be adventurous. I found his speech very inspiring and I loved hearing about his invention of the life pod, this invention is well needed.

Picture curtesy of Tayla Clayton


After this presentation we resumed to our in class assignment and completed our draft of our values statement:
Up next will endeavour to always be polite to their customers, all service shall be delivered with a smile. Up Next are professional at all times in both presentation and communication, and will uphold the values of Unitec. Any issues with contributing artists or customers will be managed in a timely and considered  manner. Up Next work with their contributing artists in a fair and respectful way.

Up Next maintain integrity in regards to any monetary gain.

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