Week 8 (12th September)

Todays lesson was a follow on from last weeks web design coding lecture. Todays lecture focused more around the user experience. This was an idea that interested me and I would love to follow up with more research.

As designers we have the capabilities of shaping someones experience of a business, item or product without them actually using the product. For example the website https://www.uber.com can which promotes an actual taxi like service. The user in this case the internet searcher can have an experience of knowing and feeling Uber without actually getting to their cars and using their service.


One idea we focused in on today was visual heirachy in the context of web pages. This is when the web designer will place more emphasis visually on particular information points of interest or importance.


This idea of visual heiracy was so relevant to me and I found it such a practical thing to investigate and implement. I investigated the Kroad website to see what their heirachy was. what we would is events was their main pull and draw card, it is easily labeled, large and bright red. They then showed their art and fashion further down showing other businesses and lastly profiling their app. This was very beneficial to me and showed me what Kroad already knows their views and attractors are. It also showed me how you can shape a culture through a websites visual heirachy. Notice that the Kroad web designers thought it better represented them to present a event calendar, fashion, art and dinning all before it advertised its life night which is somewhat contradictory to its stereotype. They are shaping the way they want people to see Kroad. We have the power in our projects to pin particular areas we want to focus in on too.



Together Kate and I came up with some rapid prototyping ideas for a food directory of K road website.


I have been so in love with the block:stories from a meeting place navigation it seems that all my ideas are inspired by it at the moment. (http://www.sbs.com.au/theblock/#) We thought a cool idea would be a animated map of Kroad but using contrast to show the visual heirachy of food stations. Similar to the block interview stations as seen below. However a greater heirachy could be represented through higher contrast colours or through varied icon sizes.

Lastly, I played around with web layout prototyping on some of the resources that the guest lecturer provided us with.


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